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Peratech is a tactile-sensing solutions company. We use proprietary technologies and know-how to create compelling user experiences for cost-effective, mass-producible devices and surfaces. Our materials and embedded electronics enable our customers to solve form-factor and user-experience challenges in connected and smart products.

Our modular sensing technologies can be adapted to meet your device requirements, including integration with flexible/foldable displays and materials. They operate in a wide range of environmental situations, are immune to electromagnetic interference, and achieve predictable performance in low and high temperatures. Peratech offers a unique combination of attributes that sets us apart from the force-sensing technology competition.

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Consumer Electronics

The next generation of human-machine interfaces will be driven by the innovative use of force sensing. Peratech’s QTC tactile-sensing provides the leading combination of light-touch sensitivity, dynamic range, part-to-part consistency, and environmental stability all in an easy-to-use, thin package.

The result is a sensing solution that enables you to make all of your device displays, surfaces, edges, and corners 3D, force-touch smart surfaces, leveraging how people naturally handle your device to create the best user experiences.

Smart Home & Appliances

The proliferation of new features in our homes, from environmental controls and advanced lighting to full home-automation is driving the requirement for feature-rich and intelligent interfaces. Unfortunately, the 2D interfaces of today are too complicated—we’re in danger of turning the whole home into “which remote do I use for that?”

Because Peratech sensors are integrated and used in 3 dimensions, we enable smart home and appliances designers the ability to simplify user experiences cost-effectively. Peratech sensors provide simplicity in a one-sensor solution that can be deployed above, below or around a variety of different flexible and rigid control display. Peratech is also developing a translucent ink to enable creative backlit buttons.


Industrial HMIs require high durability and reliability in harsh environments, while delivering intuitive interfaces for complex control systems, often to human beings wearing all types of gloves and protective gear.

Peratech QTC-based sensors meet the challenges of this market with excellent durability, deployment both above and BELOW touch displays and other complex surfaces, with high immunity to electromagnetic noise, moisture, and other environmental conditions.

Peratech delivers cutting edge HMI possibilities to environments where other touch solutions either cannot be used or cannot survive.


The automotive cockpit is a rich environment for state-of-the-art HMI interfaces for multiple reasons… aesthetics, ergonomics, packaging, advanced feature control and above all, safety.

Unlike capacitive switching, which can cause false triggering in a dynamic, 3-dimensional environment, Peratech QTC-based sensors measure in 3D. With Peratech’s force-based algorithms, you can customise the sensor’s pressure thresholds to your exact application demands. This eliminates unintentional activation and ensuring safety while delivering great touch experiences that consumers want. They can be integrated with the latest styling themes and surface materials while reducing packaging space, weight, and mechanical complexity. Peratech’s next-generation ink will be translucent, making it even more compatible with creative backlit requirements.

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