John Holland

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer for OLEDWorks, John brings expertise as a business founder and chief executive with over 25 years of experience in the high technology industry. A strong technical background coupled with his extensive start-up experience and business acumen positions him as a key leader at OLEDWorks.
In a high-tech industry with a focus on OLED technology, lighting and applications, he oversees OLEDWorks’ sales,marketing, and global exposure in terms of managing communications, creating a positive brand image, and increasing the awareness for OLED lighting. Focused on implementing programs and strategies that increase revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction, while fostering experience building and leading growth.
At OLEDWorks, he is applying his knowledge and experience for building high performance teams with a sharp focus on market analysis and customer experience towards the company mission of providing superior OLED lighting through a broad commercialization and specialty product strategy. John is responsible for building OLEDWorks product definition, market presence and sales. Clients include myriad industries such as automotive,transportation, defense, packaging, luminaire manufacturers, and healthcare.