Dr. Zheng Gong

Micro-LED Display Technologist

Dr. Gong Zheng is a professor and chief scientist of GISIT,Guangdong Academy of Sciences. He has worked in the UK for more than 12 years, with richful research experiences at Strathclyde University, mLED Ltd, and Facebook, respectively. The main research interests of Dr. Gong are epitaxy growth of III-V semiconductor materials, and micro-LED display technology. His representational achievements include GaN Micro-LED high resolution matrix addressing micro-array, CMOS-driven GaN-based Micro-LED chip, and sub-micron resolution lithography prototype based on Micro-LED array, etc. Dr. Gong has published about 50 international papers ,30 conference papers, and 5 PCT patents in the field of MICRO-LED and its applications, with a total citation of more than 1600 times. As the R&D manager of mLED company, he has led a team to successfully develop a series of industrial products based on micro-LED, such as scanners, riflescopes in the military industry, etc., resulting in significant revenues for the company (mLED company was acquired by Facebook in September 2016).