Dr. Eleftheria Maria Pechlivani

Project Manager,Organic Electronic Technologies P.C

Dr. Pechlivani is the Project Manager of OET, responsible for writing project proposals, managing and leading project’s actions and coordinating critical path activities in support of the innovations and R&D team development and commercialization of new products and revitalizing existing products. She is a PhD Physicist with MSc in Physics & Technology. She has successfully participated in several R&D projects as 2 Horizon2020 (NMBP-07-2017: CORNET, FOF-08-2017: SmartLine,), 3 FP7 EU (NMP.2012.1.4-1: SMARTONICS, NMP.2013.4.0-1: GLADIATOR, REGPOT-2011-1: ROLEMak) and 7 NSRF. She is a specialist in growth of inorganic and organic thin films by Chemical Vapor Deposition and wet processes and also in Organic Photovoltaics -OPVs and Organic Light Emitting Diodes- OLEDs development. She was scientist researcher for 10 years at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.