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Wuhan LinkZill Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in Jan. of 2019 in Optical Valley. LinkZill’s core value is “leading the technology – 领, be dedicating and honest from the beginning to the end – 挚”. LinkZill’s mission is to create unconventional electronics industry (including but not limited to organic electronics, flexible electronics, printed electronics and hybrid electronics) for linking zillions of people and technology. LinkZill has a global-leading technology/management team, has accumulated a variety of high-quality customers and partners. LinkZill is going to become a global-leading high-tech company based in China, creating enormous business value and social value.
LinkZill is a high-tech company that offers technology services, ranging from key materials, devices to system solutions, for creative product makers in un-conventional electronics industries.

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LinkZill can provide a variety of patent-protected functional solution-processed materials, such as semiconductors, insulators, passivation, and hole transport materials, et al., which can be used in lots of thin-film devices including but not limited to organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs), electroluminescent quantum dot LED (QLED), Perovskite solar cell and organic solar cell.

Automatic respiratory trainer monitoring system

Currently, the number of breathing training is recorded manually. The monitoring system can record the number of breathing training automatically, which can solve the problem of manual recording error and save human resources.

Flexible pressure sensor array system

The pressure sensor array can be comformly attached on flat or curved surface to record and evaluate the dynamic pressure distribution on the contact surface. The sensor system can be applied to optimize the design of the wearable paper products (such as diapers), clothing, footwear and car seat belts (or seats), et al.

Microfluidic system

Utilizes a large-area thin-film electronic process combining with electrowetting microfluidic technology to enable large-area, high-throughput sample processing. It is widely used in advanced experiments and advanced manufacturing in the fields of biology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and microelectronics.

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