Barry Young

CEO & Managing Director, OLED Association


Barry Young is CEO and Managing Director of the OLED Association, where he solves industry-wide issues, such as the development of standards for the OLED display and lighting industries. He also serves as CEO of Young Market Research (YMR) and is its primary-lighting analyst  He works with and supports the leading OLED manufacturers, tool makers and material suppliers for the entire food chain.  He lobbies for the industry and develops forecasts of material usage, display shipments and revenue and lighting shipments and revenue.  Each quarter the Association captures the display and lighting shipments and provides its members with a detailed analysis of the state of the industry

He also works with a group of OLED suppliers to produce the first US-based pilot line for OLED lighting. A founder of DisplaySearch, Young is one of the leading authorities on OLEDs and flexible displays, and during his tenure authored DisplaySearch’s OLED, flexible-display, small/medium-display and technology reports. Before joining DisplaySearch, Young was CEO and president of OWL Displays, where he co-developed innovative driver technology for amorphous silicon (a-Si) and polysilicon (p-Si) TFT LCDs, and was awarded key patents for driving low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCDs. Before OWL, he was vice president and general manager of Tandem’s integrity system division. He has also served as managing partner at Booz Allen & Hamilton, executive vice president at Wells Fargo Bank, senior vice president at Citibank and president and CEO of Lexar, an early developer of an all-digital PBX.