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Sino-Platinum Co., Ltd.

Platinum Brightens with Rich Experience in DevelopmentSino-Platinum Co. Ltd.

Sino-Platinum Co., Ltd. (hereafter called the company) is a stock limited company established in September 2000 jointly by Kunming Precious Metals Institute as sponsor with other seven units such as Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Hongta Innovation and Investment Co., Ltd., Yunnan Xingyun Investment Co., Ltd. affiliated to Yunnan Tobacco Corporation, Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute, etc. under the spirit that the State Council carried out a reform to the managerial system of 242 scientific research institutes and with the approval of the Document YunZhengFu [2000] No. 138 by the People’s Government of Yunnan Province. Its registered capital was RMB 85.95 million yuan. By the end of 2005 its total assets amounted to RMB 520 million yuan and net assets RMB 386 million yuan. In July 2005, in accordance with the plan of the provincial committee and government to integrate and restructure state-owned enterprises, Kunming Precious Metals Institute was united with Yunnan Tin Company Group Limited to form a new Yunnan Tin Group and the stocks held by itself are alternatively held by Yunnan Tin Group.The company is a specialized company engaged in the research, development, production and operation of serial functional materials of precious metals. With a combined function of new product R&D and industrialization construction as well as a stable scientific research team led by members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the company masters the core technologies for serial functional materials of precious metals. The products of the company are divided into four categories—high purity materials, special functional materials, information functional materials as well as environmental and catalytic functional materials of precious metals with over 300 varieties and 4,000 specifications. It belongs to a high-tech special functional material producer specially supported by the state industrial policy. Its main items and products are listed in the Current Catalogue of State Specially Encouraging Industries, Products and Technologies as well as the Guide to Currently High-tech Key Industrial Areas in Priority. Its users are widely scattered in the industries such as electronic information, aerospace, shipping, automobile, biomedicine, chemical, building material, mining metallurgy, environmental protection, energy, etc. In April 2001 the company was accredited with the Certificate of High-tech Enterprise issued by Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department; in October 2001 the company passed the authentication of the ISO9001 Quality Control System; in June 2005 the company passed the authentication of the GJB9001A-2001 Quality System; on 30 March 2005 the company passed the authentication and examination of the confidential qualification; in May 2005 the company obtained the Certificate of State Second Grade Security Classification; in 2005 the company passed the site examination and obtained the certificate for the scientific production of national defence weaponry.    The main business of the company lies in the four industrial areas such as special functional materials, high purity materials, information functional materials as well as environmental and catalytic functional materials of precious metals. Its main products: automobile tail exhaust purifying catalyst, fine chemical industry use catalyst, high concentration waste water purifying catalyst, micro power consumption multi-function catalytic sensor for combustible gas, semi-transistor gas sensor, each serial compound of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, gold and silver; precious metal welding functional material, temperature measuring material, composite material; precious metal mineral resource exploration and secondary resource recycling; precious metal special powders (superfine, ball-shape, flake, composite, etc.), precious metal thick film electronic paste, medium paste, glass envelopment paste, precious metal coating, thin film, etc.