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Semilab was founded in 1989 as a spin-off company by a team of scientists from the Research Institute for Technical Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Historically our first product was the DLTS, and the first carrier lifetime mapper was shipped in 1991. Since that, we have expanded our portfolio with electrical and optical measurement technologies, and our company has grown substantially: we became the market leader in the area of electrical metrology for solar cell manufacturing, and expanded our business to semiconductor market, academic institute and flat panel display manufacture market, and the 4th biggest pure-play semiconductor metrology company with a revenue over 55 million USD in 2008. 

Our strategy is to continuously improve our products, and to offer flexible solutions for our customers’ needs with high-value products for a reasonable price. To accomplish this, we employ more than 70 physicists and 90 engineers worldwide. We also participate in various international R&D projects, and we have a frame agreement for metrology development with IMEC, the largest international research center for the development of semiconductor products.