Prof. Zugang Liu

Principal Scientist, Nanoco Technologies Ltd

Professor Zugang Liu was a Principal Scientist of Nanoco Technologies. Now as a distinguished Professor and the head of Institute of Printed Optoelectronics in China Jiliang University, he is a consultant for Nanoco responsible for expanding its market share in Mainland China and Taiwan. He was selected as a Rising-Star by Shanghai Municipal Government in 1996 and Thousand Talent of Zhejiang Province in 2016.

Professor Liu has been profoundly involved with luminescent materials and device since 1982, his last year of university. In 1989 he chose OLED as the research topic for his PhD and has since worked on it in either universities or research companies. He started to work on solution-processed OLED in Oxford University in 2001, and then in Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) afterwards. In  2007, Professor Liu moved to Nanoco to work on Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots (CFQD), CFQD® quantum dots based QLED, other nanomaterials and their optoelectronic devices. Whilst in Nanoco, he was in charge of the research on CFQD® quantum dots based QLED and solution processed CIGS solar cells. He also worked on the introduction of Nanoco’s CFQD® Fine Colour Film to Asia’s LCD display markets to enhance colour and energy efficiency. Currently, he is focusing on printed optoelectronics including OLED, QLED, and thin film solar cells.