Patric Stafshede


Mr Stafshede served in the Swedish army as intelligence officer with emphasis on the Russian Army. After finishing an MSc in Chemical Engineering, at Chalmers, Sweden, Mr. Stafshede spent a couple of years in Moscow, Russia recruiting chemical suppliers for Tetra Laval´s milking equipment division (De Laval). Upon return to Sweden, Mr. Stafshede joined McKinsey & Co as a management consultant and worked for them within the telecom and operations practice in both Sweden and Los Angeles, USA. In 1999 Mr. Stafshede joined the strategic development group of Entergy Corp. in New Orleans, and later moved to its Commercial Operations group in Houston, responsible for the utility´s solid fossil fuel.  In 2008 the Stafshede family moved back to Sweden, and Mr Stafshede took up management of a regional seed fund in Umeå. Since 2013 Mr. Stafshede has been the CEO for LunaLEC, and has introduced the company to the European and North American printed electronics communities through presentations at LOPE-C in Munich, Germany and the IdTechEx in Santa Clara, California. This is the first time LunaLEC is addressing the printed electronics community in Asia.