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Nanoco (LSE: NANO) is a world leader in the development and production of cadmium-free quantum dots and other nano-materials for use in multiple applications including LCD displays, lighting, solar cells and bio-imaging. Based on breakthrough science, Nanoco’s manufacturing process enables the cost-effective development and large-scale production of cadmium-free quantum dots.

Nanoco is one of the few companies that develop and manufactures cadmium-free quantum dots, resin, and film that can be used in a variety of applications  :


·         LCD display, where Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots give consumers access to next-generation color performance and energy efficiency

·         Lighting, where Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots are used in horticulture to safely speed plant growth.

·         Healthcare, where Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots are opening new, potentially life-saving uses in bio-imaging.


Nanoco is headquartered in Manchester, UK. It has production facilities in Runcorn, UK, and a US subsidiary, Nanoco Inc., based in Concord, MA. Nanoco also has business development executives in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Its technology is protected worldwide by a large and growing patent estate.