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Najing Technology Co., Ltd. (NajingTech) was founded in 2009 in Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province, China) by Dr. Xiaogang Peng, who is currently a professor at Chemistry Department, Zhejiang University. He was once awarded the Top100 chemist (2000-2010) in the world by Thomson Reuters. NajingTech was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) in August 2014 with Securities Code: 830933.OC.

NajingTech is leading R&D and production of quantum dots in the use of Optoelectronics, Displays, Consumer electronics, Lighting and Bio-imaging. The innovative technology including our hundreds of patents related to “quantum-dots green-synthesis method” promotes the commercialization of quantum dots in the world. Our dream is to bring the happy & healthy life values to our customers around the world, based on our creative and high-quality products.

Quantum Dot Concentrated Solution

Quantum dot, also known as semiconductor nanocrystal, is quasi-zero dimensional nanoparticle typically consisting of chemical elements from II-VI and III-V with the size between 2 and 10 nm. Quantum dots are based on semiconductor crystals and each particle is a single crystal. When the semiconductor crystal is as small as nanoscale, i.e., <100 nm, so-called nanocrystals, different sizes of nanocrystals excited by light or electricity can emit the light with different colors (from blue to red in visible range). Quantum dots are considered as one of the most promising emitting materials in the industry, compared with organic emitters, etc.
NajingTech offers 4 different types of Quantum Dots: ① Cd-based quantum dots; ② Cd-free quantum dots; ③ Metal-based nanocrystals; ④ Oxide-based nanocrystals.
They are widely used in the fields of light-emitting devices, solar cells, catalysis, biomarkers and biomedicine, etc.

Color In® Quantum-Dot Display Technology

The R&D on Color In® Quantum-Dot Display Technology was carried on for many years, and developed two kind of products based on quantum dots photoluminescence, i.e., Quantum dot Light-Converting Film (QLCF) and Quantum Dots Light-Converting Module (QDLCM). This display technology combined novel quantum dots & high-performance polymers achieves a high color purity, wide color gamut by using remote-excitation technology, ultrahigh picture resolution, low-power consumption, high lifespan and a well-defined healthy visual experience. This technology can be used for many applications, like high-end TVs, monitors, laptops, VR, tablets, AD Players, Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs), mobile phones, etc.
NajingTech has already completed commercialization of Quantum Dots Film through integration of QLCF into liquid crystal display (LCD). The QLCF products have been supplied to many world well-known companies, such as TCL, Hisense, TPV, Philips, etc. So far, NajingTech’s display technology solution serves for the mainstream display companies around the world.

Active Matrix Quantum Dots Light-Emitting Diode

The IGZO technology combined with QLED’s inkjet-printing techniques was used to fabricate AM-QLED achieving an active-emissive control with high resolution. Compared with the quantum-dots backlight LCD, the AM-QLED based displayer shows a purer black color, higher color gamut, lower power consumption, wider working temperature and more flexible. Moreover, compared with OLED, the QLED has a higher color purity, a wider color gamut of about 140% NTSC and a better stability. The AM-QLED can be fabricated by the solution-processed method with reduced cost, low power consumption and high usage rate of material, etc. Moreover, it could be also used in the flexible displays.
So far, NajingTech has achieved a high performance of QLED in efficiency and lifetime, which is qualified for QLED’s commercialization for display. The company is looking for the opportunity of collaboration in mass production of AM-QLED.

Quantum Dot Tablet: PurePad

In an era when electronic products are indispensable, the reduction of harm of electronic products to visual health is an urgent need to parents. We provide the healthier products for our adolescents and children, i.e., quantum dot tablet: PurePad, by using the leading quantum dot display technology.

  • High color saturation, lower screen brightness that alleviates visual fatigue caused by light radiation to our eye sensory cells (reduced to 70% of the brightness compared with conventional tablet).
  • Uniform emission spectra and balanced stimulation to three kinds of cone cells of eyes.
  • Moderated emission spectra adjusted according to human’s visual function, collaborated with the Visual Health & Safety Protection Lab, China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS).
  • Advanced display technology and higher visual comfort: adopted the Quantum dots display technology; awarded “Level-A” on visual comfortable index (VICO) by CNIS.
  • Let our children away from the low-quality display, giving them a real and beautiful world, and a healthy visual experience.
  • Quantum dot PurePad relieves visual fatigue, improves visual experience and protects visual health.

Quantum Dot Monitor

We applied the quantum-dots display technology for serving the commercial educational display, e-sports and professional drawing in screen, etc.
27 inch FHD-Quantum dots monitor
Red and Green quantum dots combined with blue backlight were used to fabricate the monitor with a screen size of 27 inch having a resolution of 1920×1080 (FHD), white-field brightness >260 nits and a wide color gamut of ~100% NTSC (1931) with a covering ratio up to ~96% DCI-P3 (1976).
23.8 inch FHD-Quantum dots monitor
Red and Green quantum dots combined with blue backlight were used to fabricate the monitor with a screen size of 23.8 inch having a high resolution of 1920×1080 (FHD), white-field brightness >260 nits, and a wide color gamut of ~100% NTSC (1931) with a covering ratio up to ~98% DCI-P3 (1976).

NajingTech Eye-Protection Desk Lamp

We developed a 3D spherical optical device based on natural-light spectra simulation technology, which well matches with more than 95% of the visible spectra of natural sunlight, by combining the semiconductor-emitting technology, the licensed CREE’s remote phosphor excitation technology and the analysis of solar spectra of morning.
The LEDISUN eye-protection desk lamp, based on 3D spherical optical technology, shows an ultra-high color rendering index (Ra97), uniform illumination and color space distribution, good color stability, and the spectra closer to natural sunlight, etc. as well as almost without blinking, blue-light hazard, light dizziness, electromagnetic radiation, and with multi-level light adjusting, thus making more healthier and comfortable.

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