MOCON is a famous testing machine manufacturer with 51 years history, specialize in permeation ,as the leading company in the industry , Mocon has a lot advance technology and patents, established many standard and regulation and are now widely applied in the field of food drug PV and OLED.

Flexible OLED and Quantum display industry are now facing yield rate problems which relate to material barrier , which can protect devices from contact of water vapor and oxygen , which is important for the using life of devices.

And as common requirement , the barrier of encapsulation of OLED need to reach 10-6g/( or higher , the Quantum need at least 10-3 g/( also.

3/34G WVTR tester comply with IR testing method which can test down to 0.005g/(, can be used to test Quantum industry barrier materials.

Aquatran 3 WVTR tester are using a specialized absolute sensor named coulomb sensor , which has the highest. Sensitivity in the entire world:5×10-5g/(,and are widely used by almost all OLED manufacturer.

2/22 10X with patent sensor technology also, which can test down to 5×10-4cc/( make it the highest accurate oxygen Permeability tester.

All the tester above are applied fully automatic control system to eliminate the human error,Mocon also provide NIST film as reference material to make sure the outstanding accuracy and repeatability.

Dupack as the general agent of MOCON in China,will provide you good service before and after sales through 3 location across China in Beijing、 Shanghai and Guangzhou,in addition the testing also can be done by our independent lab.