Mi Fang Technology

Mi Fang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai-based High-Tech Start-up Enterprise centered on flexible electronic printing. Different from traditional 3D printing, which can only print physical structure, Mi Fang can print a complete electronic system, including microprocessor, display and photovoltaic by one “micro-electronic” printer. This innovative technology can be widely used in the Internet of Things, wearable devices, additive manufacturing, solar cells, integrated circuits and other fields.

Our R&D team has more than 20 members, including forty percent of Doctors and Masters. We maintain broad cooperation with many Universities including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tongji University. In addition, we have applied for more than 30 international patents.


Our Technology: 

Based on our multiple self-developed patents, We have set up a unique designing and manufacturing platform for flexible integrated circuits and multi-functional electronic systems, as an alternative of rigid, bulky and expensive silicon chips for smart electronic devices.


Issues of Silicon:

Modern electronic device’s brain, also known as silicon chips are composed of integrated circuit (IC), and each IC is based on massive transistors (i.e. electronic switches). As “Moore’s law” predicted, Silicon-based semiconductor industry reduce its cost by keep shrinking process size, and make more complicated and functional chips on a smaller area in the past 50 years.

Nevertheless, the absolute cost of silicon integrated circuits drops very little over the past few years. The physical size of the chips limits its ability to be effectively handled by industrial equipment and reliability integrate into a complete product. Along with the electronic products expand into our lives, one of the urgent demands for people is to transform daily necessities into intelligence devices, it must require a price point far lower than the cheapest silicon chips now (several to dozens of cents).


Principle Solution:

Mi Fang can produce a variety of customized electronic devices by additive manufacturing in unified processing conditions, which overcome the limitation of the conventional silicon electronic devices.


Our Advantage

  1.  Functional materials are much cheaper than silicon based materials. With this, a non-silicon integrated circuit can be achieved on a plastic thin film with a thickness of less than 100 nm. Moreover, Mi Fang’s 50+ inks can offer you the possibility to get display, sense, human-computer interaction and energy on one flexible film, far beyond the border of traditional electronics industry.
  2. Much cheaper and simpler than silicon based manufacture, Mi Fang’s technology can achieve sophisticated pattern without vacuum deposition and high processing temperature (less than 150℃).


Our Main Products

  1. Revolutionary Prtronic micro-electronic printer.
  2. 50+ inks to match the printer.
  3. Software specially designed for printing electronics makes electronic engineering design easier and faster.
  4. On the design document distribution platform, you can share your design with thousands of people.