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Jiangsu Sunera Technology Co., Ltd

Founded on Jan. 2013, Jiangsu Sunera Technology Co., Ltd (Short title: SUNERA), invested by Valiant Co., Ltd and other natural party and organization. Main business is to develop, produce and sale OLED material, OLED lighting and develop display technology.


SUNERA has lab for OLED material and device, and sublimation workroom. On basis of platform for structure design and theoretical computer center, SUNERA invested on two sets of vacuum deposition RD equipment, one with mother substrate size of 100 x 100mm and the other is 200 x 200mm. Now SUNERA has capability of chemical structure design, analog computation, test of physical and chemical parameters, test of thermal stability, test and evaluation of OLED device performance.


On consideration of demands from downstream industry, SUNERA focus on next generation of OLED material —— TADF material and relative hole transport material, electro transport material, hole blocking material. SUNERA insists technical independent innovation and implement patent. Now SUNERA has finished thousands of analog computations of new material and hundreds of physical and chemical evaluations, and device evaluations as well. We have breakthrough on capping material and green mono-host TADF material, the performance could reach commercialization level. Till end of 2017, SUNERA have applied 214 invention patents about TADF material.


SUNERA will continually focus on developing independent patent OLED material and we are looking forward to co-operate with our clients and partners to push on the developing of OLED material and display industry.