Ingui Park

Technology Leader,Momentive

Korea Technology Center Leader/Electronics

Education: Master, Hanyang Univ. Bachelor, Jeonbuk National Univ.

Experience:20 years of R&D, Marketing, and Management experience
in the Semiconductor and Display assembly Markets
1.**** – 2017 Korea Technology Center Leader/Electronics/Momentive
2.**** – **** Senior Global Program Leader/ Electronics/ Momentive
3.**** – **** XXXXX/  XXXX/ Samsung Cheil Industries
4.**** – **** XXXXX/ XXXX/ KCC

Filed around 5patents

1.KR1020050070475      Epoxy Molding Compound
2.KR1020030008540      Epoxy Resin composition
3.Oct-2004  Best Tech. Innovation award/Samsung Cheil Industries