China International OLEDs Summit 2019

March 13-14, 2019 | Shanghai,China

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8th China International OLEDs Summit

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4th China International Quantum Dots Summit

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2nd HMI World

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4th Flexible Hybrid Electronics World

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About ET 2019

Since the great success of Emerging Technologies 2018, DEMAND-LED and global authoritative co-organizers are inviting all experts, decision makers and marketers all over the world to “Emerging Technology 2019” which will be held on March 13~14, 2018 in Shanghai, China. 

The conference is composed of four themes: “3rd Flexible Hybrid Electronics World”, “8th China International OLEDs Summit”, “4th China International Quantum Dots Summit”, and “2nd HMI World”. 

• 200+ top experts in the world participate in keynote speeches, panel discussions, and advisory & applications committees 
• 800+ delegates and decision makers from the world’s top research institutions, institutions and manufacturers 
• 50+ exhibitors with latest materials, equipment, technology and product results 
• 10+ hours of social networking opportunities and social dinners 
• 100+ strong media press with onsite interview and report

Covered the global and Chinese development of technology & market trend, new breakthroughs of production process & equipment, solutions of latest materials and case studies & solutions of applications (Healthcare, Automobiles and Aircrafts, Wearable Devices, Smart Fabrics, TV, AR&VR, Smart Phone, Lighting, IoT, Energy Harvesting&Storage, Bio Medical, Cosmetics etc.)


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