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Hisense Electric Co., Ltd. , adhering to the development strategy of “technology-based, stable operation”, developed the first independent video processing chip in China, and launched Ultra-LED TV, 4K laser TV, and the world’s first multi-screen TV. Leading the development of global display technology.

According to the statistics of survey institutions, Hisense TV ranked first in the Chinese market for 15 consecutive years and ranked fourth in the global TV market.

Hisense 100L7 laser TV

Hisense 100L7 laser TV adopts pure blue and red two-color laser light source design, the light source efficiency is increased by 30%, the whole machine power consumption is reduced by 20%, the gamut of the BT.709 standard is 160%. The color is more rich and beautiful, and the viewing comfort is better.

100L7 uses a sound system design embedded in the host, and a honeycomb bionic sound system to create a professional-grade surround sound field effect, which is jointly developed with Harman Kardon

Hisense 80L5 laser TV

80L5 laser TV uses a new light source technology, delivering 400 nits brightness, and it is resistant to ambient light. With 4K ultra-HD picture quality and HDR technology, the picture is more realistic and richer in color. Reflective light makes it more comfortable to watch than LCD TVs and paper reading.

The best viewing distance for the 80 L5 laser TV is about 3 meters, and is ideal for today’s living room TVs.

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