Graphene-Chinese powder net

Chinese powder net www.cnpowder.com.cn founded in 2002, is one of the earliest established website of powder industry, is Chinese powder industry in the world’s largest web portal, application service providers powders leading e-commerce, fine powder of enterprise information solutions provider.

Cnpowder.com.cn is always rooted in the powders, by market observation technology innovation, tireless large mass database industry, and a deep understanding of the industry, has now become the related enterprises China powder industry internet website of choice, the application of e-business and enterprise information preferred partner.

Founded in 2007, the permanent self-service “wind powder Exhibition” (www.powdershow.com.cn). Consists of 17 main channels, 179 show concert, covering the basic powder industry in all aspects of the business, launched the “list”, “famous enterprises column” characteristic column. At present, has become a famous fly thousands of body manufacturers preferred Chinese information release platform.

“Chinese powder industry” magazine in 2004 August, is the first professional domestic powder field information publication. This print is nationwide powder industry journals, Chinese Academic Journal (CD) included journals, China journal full text database full-text included journals, China Journal Net Journals Full-text Database and VIP journals. Annual circulation of more than 4 books.

“Let the customer service experience to the value” is the Chinese powder network service concept, we uphold this philosophy, and will spare no effort in our professional experience and technological advantages into our service content.

Official Website: http://graphene.cnpowder.com.cn/graphene/