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Enfucell is committed to the industrialization of printed electronics applications centered on “Flexible Paper Battery”.
Enfucell is making efforts to build a closed-loop industrial chain of R&D, production, sales and operation. Relying on the concentration advantages of favorable resources, we are dedicating to becoming a leading company in the field of printed electronics in China and leading the Chinese printed electronics industry to the world.

Flexible Printed Paper Battery

Paper  battery,  thin  as  paper,  is  a  new  type  of  battery  printed  on  a  film-based  substrate. Paper batteries can be in various areas, such as label products, low-power electronic products, smart packaging, beauty and so on.

Smart Temperature Tag

Enfucell temperature tag is based on a combined technology of UHF & HF, intelligent temperature sensor and printed paper batteries. It is the slimmest paper-like temperature logger which is applicable for cold chain logistics management of temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceutical products, perishable foods and flowers, etc. It honestly records time and temperature data of products during transportation and storage.

Iontopherisis Mask

lontophoresis eye mask is a high-tech flexible electronic product. It is a cosmetic eyecare product integrated with Enfucell paper battery—— a power source using Enfucell flexible printing electronic technology. When the eye mask coated with eye care ingredients is applied on the skin surface-micro current is generated immediately, and the iontophoresis process starts: the absorption of effective ingredient of skin care product is highly promoted, resulting in instant removal of dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles.

Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging is an emerging technology that digitize packaging information for better distribution and communication to enhance product distribution quality and safety.

BAP Flexible UHF Smart Tag

BAP Flexible UHF Smart Tag, based on BAP RFID Technology, powered by printed “Paper Battery” .The tag can be used in various fields, such as personnel positioning, other fields , etc.

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