Dr. James Lee

Deputy Chief Engineer, Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology & TCL Corporate Research

Work Experience

  • James Lee’s 28 years working experience comes from global leading IT companies, such as Apple (Principal Technologist, USA), LG Display (Research Fellow, Korea), Samsung Electronics (Principal Engineer, Korea) and CDT (Director, UK) holding fundamental IPs of Polymer OLED material/device architecture/process technology and is an expert in OLED display manufacturing technology & product development.


  • OLED manufacturing technology development for TV & Mobile application (18 years)

-. Apple : As Principal Technologist, led OLED TV projects with strategic business partners and analyzed OLED technologies in terms of product performance, manufacturing technology scalability & maturity for volume production and cost competitiveness. Based on these analyses, provided a clear path to future direction of OLED TV product.                   

Dr. Lee also involved actively in flexible OLED technology development for iWatch .


-. LG Display: As Research Fellow, responsible for 31” FHD OLED TV technology/product development fabricated by RGB printing technology. The successful achievement of the World 1st 31″ FHD OLED TV fabricated by RGB Printing Technology lead to accelerate OLED manufacturing technology/ product development for TV application and was able to decide investment of G8.5 OLED TV manufacturing line.


-. CDT: As Director, managed joint development programs with strategic business partners for polymer OLED technology/product development. Specially 3 years’ Panasonic project management from 2006 to 2008 lead that Panasonic can demonstrate excellent looking the 55” 4K OLED TV in CES 2013. (World 1st largest/high resolution Printing OLED TV)


  • Successfully set-up & operated the three LCD manufacturing lines (L1: 370×470, L2: 550×650, L3: 600×720) at Samsung Electronics and showed track of records in yield improvement, productivity improvement, manufacturing cost reduction and new technology transfer into production line.
  • Serving as R&D Head for LCD technology development at Samsung Electronics

– Expertise in coaching and executing new technology development for LCD mfg. line

  • Seasoned technical executive with hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of Oxide TFT manufacturing technology for OLED TV & flexible display technology.
  • Disciplined and attentive project manager with set goals/time frame/budget requirement and unique management skills
  • Open innovation capability with excellent human networks and multi-language skills (Professional Level: Korean/Japanese/English)


  • Lee, Deputy Chief Engineer at Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology Co.Ltd and TCL Corporate Research since April.2015, is responsible for printing OLED and QLED technology for TV application and innovative flexible display technology development.


       Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from Tohoku University in Sensai, Japan



     Jan.1986 – July 1990: Japanese Government Scholarship Student

        (MUNBUSHO: Ministry of Education in Japan)


Invited Talk at OLED International Conference & Patents

      -. Over 35 articles published, frequently invited speaker at OLED International Conference

         Including “SID 2012 Keynote Speech, June 4th ~ 8th, Boston USA”.

      -. More than 70 patents have been granted: OLED, LCD, FED and semiconductor technology.


China Government “1000 Talent Plan  



    China Government Expert of “ 1000 Talents Plan”


SID Beijing Chapter



   Society for Information Display (SID) Beijing Chapter Technical Committee



  • English, Japanese, Korean are all in professional level of speaking, writing and reading
  • Executed as a real time translator in several major contract negotiation and executive meetings



USA Citizen