Dr. Jin-Shan Wang

Founder, Chairman and CEO, First O-Lite

Dr. Jin-Shan Wang is co-founder and founding CEO of First O-Lite, Inc. He also served as Co-Chairman of China OLED Industry Alliance and Vice-Chairman of China SSL Association from 2010 to 2013.

Dr. Wang obtained his doctorate degree with highest possible rank (avec la plus grande distinction et les felicitations du jury) from University of Liège, Belgium, in 1993. Later, Wang became first Chinese chemist in history to discovernovelpolymer chemistry, Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP), while being a research associate at Carnegie-Mellon Universityin 1994. In 2010,Wang co-founded First O-Lite (FOL) in Nanjing, China.

As a material scientist, Wang was engaged in developing novel architecture polymers and nano technology for a variety of applications including OLED and printed electronics. With Dr. Tyan, theyhave invented highly effective light extraction materials and IES technologies for OLED lighting with efficacy as high as 111.7lm/W. As a high-tech entrepreneur to focus on commercialization of OLED lighting, Dr. Wang secured more than 40million RMB funding from private investors and obtained financial supports of about 20million RMB from governments. FOL has built a state-of-the-art G2 in-line system and successfully produced high-quality OLED lighting panels with 65lm/W efficacy.