Qi Cai

Sr. Market Development Manager

Qi CAI, who graduated from the Pharmaceutical Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology in 2003. Now, he is senior marketing development manager, in charge of chemical material、Food and envrionmental market. His responsibility is to develo and set up strategies in Waters, promote application solution. To provide most critical analysis application solution by understand and analyze key clients from different industries in chemical、food and environmental field and cooperate between Waters global technical people and different departments. In 2008, Qi CAI participated in the Waters, he worked for chemist in Solution Center, in 2009 he has been promoted to marketing supervisor in China region, be responsible of chemical field analyze and technical supportive business. In 2012, processed by Waters global marketing strategies adjustment, chemical industry as an independent market, QI Cai served as Chemical industry marketing development manager, and since 2017 was promote to senior market development manager. Before joined in the Waters, he had a time period in temperament, fluid technology training and research in Japan. He had 5 years working experience in Quality and R&D centre at SUNTORY (Japan), he served as executive director, leaded team to responsible for new analytical methods development and product QA/QC testing.