Corning is a worldwide leader in the development and supply of high-quality glass substrates for the active matrix LCD industry. The company developed the first glass substrates more than two decades ago, and has consistently been first to develop new generation sizes and reduced thicknesses to meet the emerging product needs of the TFT-LCD industry. From LCD TVs to notebooks and beyond, Corning’s revolutionary glass substrates help display manufacturers improve the form factor, capabilities, and environmental friendliness of their electronic devices.


With EAGLE XG® Slim glass, Corning supplies the most environmentally friendly glass substrates using the industry’s first LCD glass composition with no added heavy metals or halides. The company’s proprietary fusion process creates exceptionally clean and smooth glass that is incredibly flat, dimensionally stable, and environmentally friendly.


Corning is also applying its expertise in display glass technologies to develop new products and solutions for emerging platforms.  Corning® Willow™ Glass is a thin and flexible display-grade glass that has benefits for a variety of electronic devices. Flexible glass will help enable thin, light, and cost-efficient applications including today’s ultra-sleek displays, tomorrow’s flexible solar cells and lighting, and the smart surfaces of the future. Corning Lotus™ Glass, a glass substrate  with advanced thermal stability for high-performance displays, was developed to enable cutting-edge technologies, including OLED displays and next generation LCDs. Corning formulated its Lotus Glass to perform exceptionally well in low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) and oxide TFT backplane manufacturing environments. As the amount of digital content increases all around us, Corning is prepared to provide tomorrow’s solutions. 





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